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Investing in commercial real estate presents numerous advantages to individual investors, including attractive returns, diversification of their investment portfolios, and tax-efficient opportunities. The key factor is not just what one invests in but rather the choice of the investment manager. The expertise of the manager plays a vital role in determining the optimal assets to invest in, the evaluation and negotiation of the purchase price, value enhancement and income preservation strategies, optimal capital structure, effective course corrections during challenges, and ongoing property management proficiency.

We utilize our extensive knowledge and a comprehensive outlook to identify what we consider the fundamental factors for sustainable value creation. Our in-depth research shapes our strategic approach, and we foster cross-functional collaboration throughout every stage of an asset's journey to deliver favorable returns to our investors.

We value and have a deep focus on attention to detail in every investment we pursue on your behalf. Our dedication to transparency and putting investors’ interest first drives our approach. Utilizing analytical methods, including market research and complex financial modeling with sensitivity analysis, we uncover the fundamental drivers of long-term value.

Our founder brings a wealth of experience in acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, and development, with a notable background at Goldman Sachs and other prominent national private equity commercial real estate funds. Demonstrating exceptional leadership and adaptability, she has effectively secured and closed acquisitions amounting to approximately $2 billion throughout her career.


Her expertise spans a spectrum of asset types, including office, multifamily, industrial, retail, and development, and encompasses a wide array of investment strategies, ranging from core to core-plus and value-add. Having successfully operated in various regions such as Boston, New York, New Jersey, North and South Carolina and Atlanta, she has significantly enriched her knowledge and comprehension of the real estate landscape.

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